A social enterprise that combines creativity and technological innovation.

Re:touch Haiti’s mission is to provide graduates from The Artists Institute, a free film and audio engineering college in Haiti, with specialized training in e-commerce photo and video post-production.

With these graduates, we operate an e-commerce photo and video post-production service that specializes in providing global retailers, brands, and creative agencies with high quality, high-volume, fast-turn around capabilities at a competitive price.

The long term objective is to establish a successful business model that can be expanded in Haiti and replicated around the world to create sustainable employment for young people in the global creative industry.

A self-sustaining photo and video post-production service at The Artists Institute in Haiti with Splashlight as its mentor and first client
… Contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce, their families, the local community, and society at large
—World Business Council for Sustainable Development

our TEAM




Camille started her career working at Human Rights Watch in their International Justice Division and then shifted into luxury fashion photo and video production as Patrick Demarchelier's in-house producer. She spent the last seven years building e-commerce creative production services at Splashlight; which specializes in designing and operating custom photo and video studio operations for large apparel retailers including Target, Under Armour, Palacio de Hierro, Aldo and David Yurman. Along the way, she has produced social issue documentary films in West Africa, Cuba and Brazil. She launched Retouch Haiti in 2017 after visiting The Artists Institute. She is a second year MBA student at Columbia Business School, specializing in Social Enterprise, Innovation Strategy and Impact Investing.




Alex Polinis a graduate of The Artists Institute’s audio engineering program. After a rigorous screening process, Alex joined Retouch Haiti in 2017. He embarked on the first flight of his life from Haiti to Canada where he worked with the stellar SPLASHLIGHT team (at the ALDO headquarters) to gain retouching experience, technical skills, and exposure to a managerial mindset for 8 weeks. Alex is super talented, and we’re happy to see his entrepreneurial spirit being used in the world. Retouch Haiti would not be possible without his hard work and dedication.
He is currently setting up the operation, retouching images for clients, building a team of Artist Institute grads, and training them on the tools and skills he learned at Splashlight.




Artists Institute is a free college for art and technology in Haiti. The Institute creates opportunities for underprivileged youth to foster entrepreneurship and business development in local creative industries. It offers programs in film, music production and audio engineering.


Splashlight is a leading visual content creation company providing the highest standards in e-commerce photography and video. It brings unmatched experience in implementing and scaling visual content solutions.


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Operations Manager received
professional training at Splashlight.

In 2016, Alex Polinis was selected from a rigorous screening process to be our first operation manager in Haiti. He received 8 months of personalized technical training by Splashlight’s retouching manager and then he took his very first fight from Haiti to Canada to work with the stellar Splashlight team to gain retouching experience and exposure to a managerial mindset for 8 weeks. He has since returned to Haiti where he is currently training 13 Artists Institute grads.

One fully equipped Retouching Computer Station.

Artist Institute is generous allowing us to utilize an existing computer lab. However, our plan is to purchase dedicated fully equipped computers. Thanks to an IT expert at Columbia Business School, we are piloting a powerful computer system that will enable us to support large file volumes. We purchased 1 such system and are running tests to ensure it’s the optimal option for us.

Curriculum development & On-site Training.

Since Alex’s return in October, he's setting up the operation and training new recruits

Camille Park, the founder travels regularly to Haiti to work closely with the team.



Fundraising Objectives


Fiber optic internet installation &
2 years of service.


Retouch Haiti requires state of the art internet connectivity to be considered a viable option for global clients.

The fiber optic cable installation costs $10,000 and monthly service is $450.
Our goal is to provide high speed internet for all students at The Artists Institute for 2 years in addition to the Retouch Haiti operation.


20 fully equipped retouching computer stations.


Retouch Haiti requires state of the art equipment by the end of 2019.

Our goal is to have 15 retouching stations running two shifts per day and 5 management team members to oversee a seamless operation.


On-site & online training program


Our goal is to create a series of specialized training modules for over 5 tiers of photo and video post production.
We are developing an online training platform to upload course videos, practice exercises, reference files and to receive direct feedback from our retouching experts. This tool will enable us to scale, maintain training consistency and quality, and reduce long term on-site training costs.



Retouch Haiti’s success depends on securing access to high-speed internet, high-performance computers, and specialized training programs designed by industry experts. We’ll take it from here to make Retouch Haiti a thriving social enterprise that answers a critical need in the marketplace and generates sustainable employment opportunities for creative youth in a booming global e-commerce industry.

with your support,

we can make it happen!




MARCH 7, 2019



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live portraits by famous fashion photographer Marc Baptiste

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