Operation Manager
8 weeks training at Splashlight.

Alex Polinis was selected from a rigorous screening process to be our first operation manager in Haiti. He received 8 months of personalized technical training by Splashlight’s retouching manager and then he took his very first fight from Haiti to Canada to work with the stellar Splashlight team to gain retouching experience and exposure to a managerial mindset for 8 weeks. He has since returned to Haiti where he currently training 13 new Artists Institute grads.

One fully equipped Retouching Computer Station

Artist Institute is generous allowing us to utilize an existing computer lab. However, our plan is to purchase dedicated fully equipped computers. Thanks to an IT expert at Columbia University, we are currently piloting a powerful computer system that will enable us to support large file volumes. We purchased 1 such system and are running tests to ensure it’s the optimal option for us.

On Site
Oversight & Training Expenses

Since Alex’s return in October, he’s getting paid a monthly salary to set up the operation and train new recruits.

Camille Park, the founder has traveled twice to Haiti to work with our local partners.